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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), commonly referred to as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure that everyone lives in peace and prosperity by the year 2030. The 17 interconnected SDGs strive to create a better and more sustainable future for everybody by addressing challenges like poverty, inequality, climate change, and peace and justice.


Organizations play a vital role in attaining the SDGs, and the SDG Influence Assessment tool is an innovative and practical tool that assists organizations in assessing their impact on the SDGs and developing a sustainable plan that matches these key global goals. Too frequently, SDG contributions are judged via the prism of ESG data, and the significant contributions that firms make through their core business are not integrated or weighted appropriately. As a pure-play impact research provider, we concentrate on the most significant contributions and scale them using our network of professional impact raters.


This enables us to completely assess a company’s negative AND positive effects on the SDGs. Providing the understanding that investors and asset owners need to incorporate the SDGs into their investment choices and contribute to the advancement of these objectives.


We provide our customers with a perspective of SDG Impact Assessments, including a detailed breakdown at the business, industry, and portfolio levels. Let’s look at the advantages of utilizing the SDG Impact Assessment tool, the important features of the tool, and how Corpstage can help you to accomplish the SDGs.


The Need Of Using The SDG Impact Assessment Tool



Improved Understanding of Influence: The SDG Impact Assessment tool offers a detailed study of an organization’s impact on the SDGs, assisting organizations in understanding where they are having the most positive impact and where they need to improve.


Alignment with the SDGs: The tool assists organizations in building a sustainable strategy that aligns with the SDGs, assisting organizations in ensuring that their actions and efforts contribute to global objectives.


Effect Communication: The tool helps firms to communicate their impact on the SDGs to stakeholders such as customers, workers, investors, and the larger community, allowing them to show their commitment to sustainability.


Monitoring and Reporting: The tool offers a framework for organizations to measure and report on their progress toward the SDGs, allowing them to assess their success and identify areas for improvement.


Prioritization of Activities: The report provides recommendations to assist companies in identifying and prioritizing initiatives that will have the most beneficial impact on the SDGs, ensuring that organizations utilize their resources most effectively.


The SDG Impact Assessment Tool’s Key Features


The application contains an interactive questionnaire that enables businesses to investigate their influence on each of the SDGs in-depth, allowing them to obtain a better knowledge of their impact.


Our team  offers customized reporting, allowing organizations to obtain a customized analysis of their influence on the SDGs. This ensures that organizations receive a report that suits their unique requirements.


Organisations can upgrade from this using this tool to our full-fledged sustainability platform. The platform is automated that allows organizations to easily monitor and report on their progress toward the SDGs, allowing them to track their success and identify areas for improvement.


Participate In The SDGs Report


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a worldwide framework for organizations to assess and report on their environmental and social consequences. Although the corporate sector is invited to contribute to the SDGs and report on relevant effects, consistent disclosure and impact assessment methods have yet to be created.


SDG Impact Assessments use proven and recognized approaches to measure, enhance, and report on the sustainable development effects of organizations. When combined with measurements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they provide a strong gauge of the effect of organizations, investments, or initiatives on people and the environment.


How Does It Work?


SDG Impact Assessments combine qualitative and quantitative data to assist firms and investors in determining how closely their portfolios match the SDGs. It consists of the following services:


  • SDG effect evaluation, quantitative and qualitative
  • Identification of the most relevant SDGs based on your existing and future effects, regions, sectors, and the relevance of the SDGs to your activities, organizational objectives, or investment goals.
  • Aid in the development of frameworks for monitoring current performance and future progress, using an internationally recognized set of indicators, parameters, and sub-targets for each SDG.
  • Advice on the establishment of SDG-aligned investment plans, including effective communication of the beneficial impacts of investments on sustainable development.

How Can It Assist?


This SDG evaluation tool guides the user through a questionnaire that will assist in considering and evaluating the SDGs’ corporate and societal consequences. Once completed, the tool will provide scores and our team will provide a customized report that will investigate direct SDG support and areas for improvement, as well as identify the need for additional knowledge-seeking.


The tool encourages cross-disciplinary thinking and a greater knowledge of the SDGs and their implications for business. This enables reflection on the company’s results as well as the possible unlocking of new, long-term activities to promote change. The tool is a first step toward enabling collaborative thinking and action in businesses.


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Corpstage is a consulting company that offers advice services designed to assist businesses in achieving their objectives and assisting them throughout the entire process based on their sector, needs for business, and financial requirements. We have years of experience and are sustainability specialists. Corpstage has conducted countless SDG impact analyses. Our SDG Impact Assessment Tool helps businesses and sustainability initiatives to evaluate their programs, innovations, and organizational actions that have an impact on the SDGs. All SDG targets and indicators are included in this. A corporation can better understand its role in supporting the global effort to achieve the SDGs by evaluating the impact of its activities on those goals. The evaluation findings show its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility to all relevant parties, including investors, clients, employees, and the general public. The corporation can lessen its chance of unfavourable outcomes, such as regulatory fines, legal issues, or reputational loss, by comprehending and resolving these effects.