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Our vision is to create an ecosystem where everyone works together to build a sustainable future – one that helps in preserving our planet for our future generations. We believe in a green future where businesses are responsible, credible, trustworthy and transparent, where organisations focus on ESG principles, and where nature and communities thrive harmoniously.


Come lead this charge along with us towards a more sustainable future for subsequent generations where pride is derived from leaving the world better than we found it.


We enable businesses to share transparent data related to their sustainable initiatives with their stakeholders while helping them to comply with regulations and improve their governance with an aim to create values and increase their reputation. 

Our Services

ESG and Carbon Management Platform

Corpstage is an ESG ecosystem platform that enables corporates and small businesses to adopt sustainability, manage and comply & report their ESG performance, connect with stakeholders and build reputation with investors and customers.


Assessments and Training

Corpstage’s portfolio of consulting services include assessments, certifications, and  training  programs enabling small, medium and large scale businesses to adopt and implement ESG initiatives. Our smart tools are particularly designed for MSMEs.

Carbon Consulting & Offsets

Corpstage provides carbon consulting services to a wide different industries and sizes. Our carbon consulting journey includes carbon footprint measurement using simple & sophisticated tools such as GHG calculators. We enable carbon mitigation as well as offsetting. 

Certifications & Recognition

After assessing companies for their ESG and sustainability we provide recommendations and scores. The scores are proof of ESG practices adopted. Through GRIT Awards we recognise companies which are making a powerful impact in the field of sustainability.

360 Degree
ESG Ecosystem Platform

MAnage and Track ESG Initiatives

Enables medium and small companies to define and implement their sustainability initiatives in a structured manner and engage stakeholders effectively.

Track Performance of your impact projects and investee companies

Enables portfolio managers to build investment portfolios based on the real impacts achieved.

Join communities and take sustainability initiatives

Enables individuals and communities contribute to sustainability initiatives run by companies around the world.

Learn, Assess, Get Certified


At Corpstage we enable easy adoption of Sustainability (UNSDGs) and help in implementing the impact goals through our 6Es for ESG framework. After implementation businesses can assess their impact and also report their contribution with ease. We offer variety of certification courses and masterclasses. 

We make your ESG implementation Easy, Affordable & Simplified while keeping focus on Profitability and ROI

CO2 Estimation and Offsets

Our online carbon footprint calculation tool enables you to estimate your personal or business carbon footprint and you can neutralise your footprint by buying offsets in bite sizes. 

Certifications and GRIT Recognition

The GRIT Award was launched in the year 2022. The award assessment is designed by and approved by its Governing Council Members. The event was attended by delegates globally. The process is spread over a period of three months with three rounds of robust evaluation.

Explore our smart automated assessment tools for your business. Let us help you in achieving your ESG Goals.

Whom do we Serve?

We enable sustainable value creation for all businesses, communities and investors. Our platform provides an ecosystem of sustainability.

Large Corporates

Large corporates can manage their ESG on Corpstage platform and report according to global frameworks such as CDP, TCFD & ISSB. 


Mid and Small Scale

Corpstage has automated, easy to use, affordable assessment tools for enabling MSMEs to start and progress on their ESG Journey.

Sustainable Start Ups

Corpstage recognises sustainable start ups and shares their stories. By using our platform start ups can implement and progress their sustainable strategies to boost their customer trust and gain investor confidence for raising finance and growing sales. 


Individuals can join communities, participate in challenges and competitions, contribute and collaborate towards various sustainable initiatives. They can explore listing of products, services, jobs, events and courses. 

What do our clients say?

As businesses are looking to venture into more sustainable projects, Corpstage provides a platform to manage such projects from end to end.
Rajeev Rawat
Owner, Manglam Arts
Corpstage helped us map our SDGs to the real estate Impact Radar, using the stakeholder surveys and helped us build our 5 year sustainable business plan.
Managing Partner, Places of Impact
Corpstage is helping us become ESG compliant by training our staff, doing Assessment surveys to make us meet global reporting standards.
Mohit Sharma
Founder, Sinco Shipping

What are you waiting for?

Your Non-financial metrics can unlock millions of dollars of sustainability-related savings and growth

Make an Impact

Identify stakeholder materiality, commit, set targets, manage, measure and report your sustainable practices easily at affordable cost. Use our unmatched ESG tools.

Collaborate and Incentivise

Collaborate with ESG service providers, innovators and researchers. Incentivise contributors for engaging on your ESG initiatives. Launch challenges and competitions on our platform.

Comply & Engage

Report on sustainability framework of your choice- CDP, GRI, TCFD, or ISSB. Comply with stock exchange requirements. Engage and build trust with customers and investors.

Carbon Credits and Offsets

Manage your carbon emissions on our system and calculate your carbon footprint and buy carbon credits. Commit to Science based targets (Net Zero) and report on CDP/ TCFD.

Collaborate and Network with like minded peers and grow your business.


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Globalise your sustainable products/services/business and gain opportunities by subscribing to our service provider packages


GSLC-Global Sustainability Leadership Council

Impact, Influence and Inspire

Network and engage with your peers by joining our Sustainability Councils. Uncover and discuss key issues around sustainability, reporting frameworks and more. Receive proven and practical feedback and solutions from experts and peers.

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