Evaluate Your Materiality

Engage with Your Stakeholders

To keep everyone invested in your vision, you have to back up a little bit and really analyze who the different stakeholders are and what they individually respond to.

Stakeholder Materiality and Engagement

Corpstage provides stakeholder materiality services to help businesses to understand the most important issues and priorities for their stakeholders.

This includes conducting stakeholder interviews and surveys, analysing data and feedback, and working with the organization to develop a materiality matrix that identifies the most significant issues and priorities for the organization.

We also help organisations communicate their materiality findings to stakeholders, including through the development of stakeholder engagement strategies, communities and the creation of materiality reports. By providing these services, we can help you align your business practices with the needs and expectations of their stakeholders, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

ESG Specialists

We have years of expertise in the ESG Space. Our expertise, tools and platform enables best in class services to businesses to help them evaluate their materiality.


We adopt comprehensive methodology covering major global ESG frameworks such as GRI, CDP, TCFD, SDGs and ISSB. 

Actionable Recommendations

We provide actionable recommendations post assessments for businesses to improve their ESG practices further in order to create values, trust and reputation. 

Capacity Building

Our services includes mentoring sessions with experts and capacity building workshops. We aim to help effective implementation of recommendations.