Platform Features

CorpStage is an online platform that enables ESG and Sustainability Management and reporting for all. Any business or individual can join the platform to pursue and progress on their sustainability goals. Your journey starts here!

For Businesses

Helps define ESG strategies.

Provides tools to manage their implementation and initiatives.

Allows engagement with all stakeholders.

Enables GRI, CDP, TCFD and ISSB reporting

Provides tools to incentivise sustainable initiatives

For Impact Investors

Helps investors identify sustainable companies.

Enables comparisons of projects based on Sustainability.

Provides tools to manage multiple portfolios.

Enables monitoring and tracking of ESG Practices of investee companies.

Enables reporting using PRI framework

For Individuals and Small Businesses

Enables exploration of sustainable companies.

Allows for contribution towards sustainability.

Provides a marketplace listing for sustainable products, jobs, courses and services.

Platform to follow and connect with global leaders and create groups/communities. 

Platform to launch sustainability challenges and competitions.