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Why esgEdge?

Welcome to the esgEDGE program – a comprehensive program designed to expand your knowledge and make your organisation future-proof. We offer a range of ESG Certificate Courses and Corporate ESG Workshops that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Our ESG Certificate Courses are designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of ESG principles and practices. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, climate risk management and ESG integration. Participants who successfully complete the courses will be awarded an ESG Certificate, which recognises their knowledge and skills in the ESG space.


Our Corporate ESG Workshops are designed to help organisations develop and implement ESG initiatives that align with their business objectives. The workshops cover a range of topics, including ESG strategy development, ESG reporting and communication, stakeholder engagement and climate risk management. The workshops are delivered by industry experts and are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


Through the esgEDGE program, leaders can rethink and redesign their current business models to become more sustainable and scalable by implementing ESG initiatives. Our ESG Certificate Courses and Corporate ESG Workshops provide leaders with the necessary tools and resources to focus on long-term social and climate risks and opportunities. By doing so, leaders can build competitive advantage to deliver superior financial results and create value for stakeholders.


At its core, the esgEDGE program contributes to the development of human and institutional capacity through holistic or sustainable leadership. Our ESG Certificate Courses and Corporate ESG Workshops are designed to promote sustainable leadership, which is for the benefit of the leader, followers and society.

Why Join our Courses?

Joining our ESG Certificate courses can bring numerous benefits to your career and your organisation. By completing our ESG Certificate courses, you will become a certified ESG professional, recognised for your knowledge and skills in the ESG space. This recognition can lead to greater career opportunities and enhanced earning potential.


Our ESG Certificate courses also provide an opportunity for team leadership. By developing your knowledge and skills in ESG, you can become a leader within your organisation and champion ESG initiatives that drive sustainable change. This can not only benefit your organisation, but also contribute to a sustainable future for society as a whole.


Additionally, our Corporate ESG Workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. By participating in our workshops, you can gain valuable insights into how to develop and implement ESG initiatives that align with your business objectives. This can help you become a champion for ESG within your organisation and drive positive change.


Career Growth

Set yourself up for the growth in career.

Gain recognition

Gain recognition by completing our certificate courses.

Team Leadership

Meet and interact with new people and build connections with peers on the same career path.

Become a Sustainability Champion

Gain credibility to become a change agent or sustainability consultant. 

Global Sustainability Leadership Program

Corpstage offers a Global Sustainability Leadership Program that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to lead sustainable change within their organisations.


The program covers a range of topics related to sustainability, including ESG integration, stakeholder engagement, sustainable finance, and climate risk management. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and engage in practical exercises and case studies to apply their learning to real-world scenarios.


Upon completion of the program, participants will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to become sustainability leaders, driving positive change in their organisations and contributing to a sustainable future for society as a whole.


12 Weeks Intensive Sustainability Leadership Program

Module 1 - Corporate Sustainability

Demystifying the context of Sustainability and ESG
Understanding Sustainability Frameworks
Importance of Corporate Sustainability
Understanding business models of Sustainability

Module 2- Sustainable Governance – Board leadership

Governance and Policies
Net Zero and Decarbonisation Commitments
Culture of the Board and Top Management
Sustainability Linked Compensation

Module 3- Sustainable Operations

Stakeholder Materiality and Risks- ESG Goals
Strategies & KPIs Monitor and Control
Eco Logistics & Sustainable Supply Chains
Lean and Green Operations

Module 4- Sustainable Investment Strategies

Innovation and Impact
Developing Green Strategies
Implementing ESG Practices Profitably
Screening of Sustainable Investments- Measuring the SROI
Leadership Commitment and Change Management

Module 5- Raising Sustainable/ Green Finance

Sustainable Finance Shaping the Markets
Determining Source of Green FInance
Preparing for Raising Sustainable Finance
Developing a Mandate and Reporting Strategies

Module 6- Sustainable Disclosures and Communications

Story Telling - Sharing Sustainable Journeys
Stakeholder Disclosures and Engagement
Gaining Trust and Reputation
Appropriate Disclosures - Frameworks

Assessments and Awarding of Certificates

Final Assessments will be done on the basis of Thesis/ Case Writing
Results will be vetted by Experts
Annual Felicitation and Convocation

Certificate Courses

Certificate in ESG Analysis and Reporting

Unit 1

Introduction and context. Importance of ESG and linkage with SDGs.

Unit 2

ESG Trends, sustainability reporting, compliance and frameworks.

Unit 3

Environment and Social Indicators

Unit 4

Sustainable Governance. ESG and profitability.

Unit 5

Assessing, benchmarking and analysing ESG performance

Unit 6

ESG Reporting and communications

Certificate in Climate Data Analysis and Reporting (TCFD)

Unit 1

Impact of climate change on global economy.

Unit 2

Climate action policies and actions

Unit 3

Reporting frameworks- TCFD/TNFD

Unit 4

Measuring carbon footprint (GHG)

Unit 5

Scenario analysis and risk management

Unit 6

Implementing climate action initiatives, Preparing TCFD Reports.

ESG Advanced Level Certification

Unit 1

Scanning the environment and determining materiality.

Unit 2

Organisational readiness and leadership commitment

Unit 3

Sustainability reporting, compliance and frameworks

Unit 4

Driving Innovation in value chains for sustainability

Unit 5

Sustainable storytelling and communications

Unit 6

Establishing Partnerships and collaboration
Case studies on ESG assessments

Advanced Level Climate Reporting (TCFD) and Risk Management

Unit 1

Impact of climate change on global economy.

Unit 2

Net Zero / SBTI commitments and implementation.

Unit 3

Reporting frameworks- TCFD/TNFD

Unit 4

Building circularity. Driving Innovation for climate action.

Unit 5

Carbon footprint, offsets and credits.

Unit 6

Establishing Partnerships and Collaboration.


Program Structure

Corpstage's ESG Certified Professional program offers a comprehensive approach to ESG education and training. Starting with the ESG-Aware (Level 1) course, participants will gain a deep understanding of sustainability frameworks, business models of sustainability, and the context of sustainability/ESG. Moving on to the ESG-Implementor (Level 2) course, participants will learn how to identify stakeholder materiality and risks, set ESG goals and KPIs, monitor and control reporting and compliance, and communicate sustainability effectively. In the ESG-Leader (Level 3) course, participants will deepen their knowledge of governance and policies, net-zero and SBTi, EMS and climate reporting, decarbonisation strategies and innovation, and carbon pricing, tax, and credits. Finally, participants who complete the ESG-Certified Professional (Level 4) course will gain real-life experience in ESG applications, submissions, and assessments. At Corpstage, we are committed to providing high-quality ESG education and training to help individuals and organisations navigate the complex ESG landscape.

ESG- Aware (LEVEL 1)

Demystifying the context of Sustainability/ESG Understanding Sustainability Frameworks Understanding business models of Sustainability

ESG-Implementor (LEVEL 2)

Stakeholder Materiality and Risks ESG goals, strategies & KPIs Monitor and Control Reporting and Compliance Sustainable Communications

ESG- Leader (LEVEL 3)

Governance and Policies Net Zero & SBTi EMS and climate reporting Decarbonisation Strategies and innovation Carbon pricing, tax, and credits

ESG- Certified Professional (LEVEL 4)

Real life applications Submissions Assessments

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