Digitalising Corporate Sustainability (ESG)

Digitalising Corporate Sustainability (ESG)

Modern technological advancements have allowed mankind to achieve great things, from the green revolution to changes in industrial processes. With the introduction of the UNSDG and global initiatives such as the Paris Agreement and Climate 100+, achieving sustainable growth in parallel with existing technologies is arguably the latest and most effective strategy adopted in today’s market.

New emerging technology highlights a shift in the narrative where technology is used to support moves towards sustainability by helping corporations and businesses optimise existing processes while ensuring sustainable outcomes. Technological innovation is argued to be imperative to achieving frameworks such as the SDGs, allowing organisations to approach sustainability issues from different angles and create new strategies.

An example of how technology helps companies achieve sustainability is via the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance corporate governance levels. AI programs can be used to help track company progress towards SDGs in real-time while creating Roadmaps to identify both short- and long-term sustainability goals and their associated benefits. These digital programs help companies assess their current levels of ESG factors through the use of scorecards and rankings.

Another example would be the use of data analysis programs to help companies reduce the use of resources and anticipate future changes in regulation, supply and demand. The use of analytics helps companies to gather and manage sustainability information in the form of economic valuations, presenting them with more information to help them make better decisions with higher returns. Other technological systems and tools are used to help companies of all sizes monitor their resource usage and supply chain performance, providing transparency around key material risks.

It is clear that technology and sustainability are most effective when used in tandem, tools such as AI programs and data analytics help detect opportunities for reducing costs and risks while bolstering sustainability initiatives. Increased operational transparency and reduced risk provide investors and clients with an attractive portfolio fit for future investments while increasing company valuation.

Nichefin partners

Nichefin is excited to announce about a digital platform that helps to enhance your organization’s ESG. The platform enables the adoption and acceleration of ESG, by making it Objective, Measurable, Linking it Economic Outcomes and Defining Digital Processes which can be adapted as per an organisations size, industry, and relative maturity.

Platform uses specially curated AI-driven platforms to provide the following services:

·      Analysis of current governance levels inclusive of a governance score and gap analysis reports.

·      Organization roadmap creation with real-time monitoring of micro-workflows.

·      Fully automated workflows with automated compliance monitoring and trigger events.

·      Conduct e-board meetings easily with automated minutes creation, agenda creation and follow up action reports.

·      Easy implementation and seamless integration with existing systems.

Organisations that practice better governance helps to increase overall valuation up to 15 times, attracting investors and key stakeholders alike.

The compliance Management module helps to reduce compliance costs up to 75% while eliminating the cost of non-compliance. Similarly, their corporate governance enhancement platform provides clear economic outcomes by monitoring and tracking performance in real-time.

At Nichefin, we understand the value of technology in identifying opportunities for sustainable growth. Our platform allows you to access a wealth of effective and easy to use digitalisation at your disposal. Our consultants draw on their wealth of knowledge and experience to help analyse and interpret data collected and to provide your organization with recommendations to help drive valuation and economic value.

How else can Nichefin help you?  

Nichefin Consulting Pte Ltd. is a consulting and a training platform that partners with corporate clients and executives to help them achieve their desired objectives and enhance their potential. Nichefin works actively with entrepreneurs and start-ups as financial advisory and provides them with expertise and tools to actively manage their social and environmental impacts of entrepreneurial activity. We are focused on providing end to end ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) solutions.

Nichefin Consulting works with businesses to design and develop tailor-made ESG programs, identifying and assessing ESG material factors and risks. With services ranging from preparing ESG related disclosures to mapping and identifying a comprehensive sustainable ESG strategy, Nichefin Consulting is able to tap on and elevate the potential of your company, no matter the size.

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Writer: Nichefin- Gabriel Liu