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Why esgEdge?

The esgEDGE program allows for expansion of your knowledge and make your organisation future proof. Leaders can rethink and redesign their current business models to become more sustainable and scalable by implementing ESG initiatives. Through this program they gain an in- depth understanding of ESG space and helps them to focus on long term social and climate risks and opportunities that will help them build competitive advantage to deliver superior financial results and create value for stakeholders. The program contributes to the development of human and institutional capacity through holistic or sustainable leadership. Sustainable leadership is for the benefit of the leader, followers and society. 

Certificate Courses



We provide certificate courses in ESG/ Sustainability. Our courses are targetted to create change agents (sustainability professionals) for who could create powerful impacts and influence the world around them. These programs are ideal for those who want to become consultants, trainers and ESG/ Sustainability officers in their companies. These programs are also useful for those business owners who are working in the field of sustainability. Candidates will be required to do research, write case studies and also complete all assessments. The program is validated by our governing council. 

Why Join our Courses?

Career Growth

Set yourself up for the growth in career.

Gain recognition

Gain recognition by completing our certificate courses.

Team Leadership

Meet and interact with new people and build connections with peers on the same career path.

Become a Sustainability Champion

Gain credibility to become a change agent or sustainability consultant. 

Remodelling Business for Integrating Sustainability

Unit 1

Scanning the environment and determining materiality.

Unit 2

Organisational readiness and leadership commitment

Unit 3

Sustainability reporting, compliance and frameworks

Unit 4

Driving Innovation in value chains for sustainability

Unit 5

Sustainable storytelling and communications

Unit 6

Establishing Partnerships and collaboration
Case studies on ESG assessments

Climate Reporting (TCFD) and Circularity

Unit 1

Impact of climate change on global economy.

Unit 2

Net Zero / SBTI commitments and implementation.

Unit 3

Reporting frameworks- TCFD/TNFD

Unit 4

Building circularity. Driving Innovation for climate action.

Unit 5

Carbon footprint, offsets and credits.

Unit 6

Establishing Partnerships and Collaboration.

Get Certified and Scale your Career

ESG- Aware

Demystifying the context of Sustainability/ESG Understanding Sustainability Frameworks Understanding business models of Sustainability


Stakeholder Materiality and Risks ESG goals, strategies & KPIs Monitor and Control Reporting and Compliance Sustainable Communications

ESG- Leader

Governance and Policies Net Zero & SBTi EMS and climate reporting Decarbonisation Strategies and innovation Carbon pricing, tax, and credits

ESG- Certified Professional

Real life applications Submissions Assessments

Short Executive Courses

esgEDGE- 101- Introduction to the ESG World

Join our Masterclass on the following topics

GHG Emissions- Scope 1,2,& 3
ESG and Sustainable Finance
Net Zero Implementation & SBTi
Demystifying Carbon Credits
Sustainable Supply Chain
Determining Stakeholder Materiality
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