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Klawock Heenya Improved Forest Management

American Carbon Registry
$ 27
/ tonne
  1. Protecting 8,600 acres of forest in Alaska, 1,000 acres of which is home to centuries-old trees. The Bluesource - Klawock Heenya Project protects 8,600 acres of forest on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska—1,000 acres of which is old-growth forest, home to centuries-old trees and an abundance of biodiversity.

Aben Livestock Methane Recovery

Verified Carbon Standard
$ 12
/ tonne
  1. Methane recovery from swine farms in the Netherlands for fossil fuel displacement and renewable energy generation. Methane Recovery Project Aben is based on a livestock farm in the town of Wanroij located in the Netherlands.

Salto Pilão Hydroelectric Plant

Verified Carbon Standard
$ 9
/ tonne
  1. Generating hydroelectric power in Brazil using a low-impact plant with a small reservoir that has a smaller environmental footprint than large hydroelectric plants. The Salto Pilão Hydropower Plant Project consists of a run-of-river hydropower plant with a small reservoir of 0.15 square kilometers and an installed capacity of 191.88 MW. The plant is located between the cities of Lontras, Ibirama, and Apiúna in the state of Santa Catarina, South Region of Brazil.

Mount Sandy EcoAustralia Biodiversity Conservation

Gold Standard
$ 16.15
/ tonne
  1. Promoting partnerships for conservation between Traditional Landowners and non-Indigenous Australians through vital conservation work Located on the traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people, Traditional Custodians of the Coorong, Mount Sandy is a rare pocket of intact native vegetation in a region now dominated by farmlands.

CarbonCure Concrete Mineralization

CarbonCure Technologies
$ 235
/ tonne
  1. Injecting CO₂ into cement to make super-strong low-carbon concrete. CarbonCure's carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology offers permanent, verifiable, and scalable carbon reductions for the concrete industry. The retrofit technology is installed in hundreds of concrete plants globally, and the company is continuing to launch new innovative products and technologies.

Kariba REDD+ Forest Protection

Verified Carbon Standard
$ 15.35
/ tonne
  1. Protecting almost 2 million acres of forests and wildlife that form a giant biodiversity corridor near the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. The Kariba REDD+ Project will generate approximately 196,500,000 carbon credits from reduced emissions associated with deforestation over 30 years. The reduction in deforestation “will be achieved through a series of activities that are designed to significantly improve the livelihoods of locals