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We provide an entire ecosystem for Sustainability


Our Consulting services help companies in successfully manage their ESG journey and create sustainable values. We provide assessments, training, strategies, implementations, and rating services.


Our experts are present in countries around the world and our platform caters to ESG management and reporting globally as it is aligned to highly recognised sustainability frameworks such as TCFD and ISSB.


Our ecosystem creates a wide impact on the society and communities. Through our SCOPE program we connect service providers and experts around the world. Our Sustainability pods provide a community for sustainability officers in the same industry across the globe to connect and discuss sustainable issues.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to promote creation of a sustainable future by promoting ethical and stakeholder capitalism.

Corpstage aims to inspire adoption of sustainable business models and sustainable actions for and by all stakeholders by providing a combination of advisory, platform and rating services.

Tech Platform
Consulting and Training
Establishing Collaborations and Stakeholder Engagement

Meet Our Team

Count on our diverse expertise and experience of 80+ years in total.
Dr Nisha Kohli

Impact leader in sustainability and ESG Consulting. PhD in Corporate Governance. Over 20 years of experience in management consulting, training, managing finance functions.

Ashit Kumar Padhi

A leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, with 20+ years of robust experience in IT Services, he has worked with leading IT Services Companies.

Research Associate
Neha Malhotra
Head of Partnerships
Katarina Galic
BD Associate
Bivin Mathew

Richard lane

Tech Advisor, Australia

Michella Irawan

Regional partner, ASEAN

Wan Fara Ayu

country Partner Malaysia

Gane Ramachandra

Blockchain Vertical Partner

Felicia Mills

Country Partner Indonesia

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